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Video clips

Whether kindergarten, school or vocational training - after moving to another country there are many things to arrange, many decisions to make. The following videos explain the education system in Baden-Württemberg in a simple and descriptive way; from the kindergarten, through the individual types of school, to starting a vocational training. The videos are intended to give a first impression of our education system in order to make the start in Baden-Württemberg easier, especially for newly arrived parents.


The schoolsystem (1)

"School education is like a bus ride. There is a point where you get on and a point where you get off. In between, you can change buses." Using this image, the video describes the structure of the school system in Baden-Württemberg. It explains which stations lie between primary school and the access to a profession or university and when parents and children have to make decisions.

Note: The video describes the most common types of school in order to simplify the presentation. There may be deviations at some of the schools.

The Kita (2)

When children are 6 years old they go to school . Before that, they can attend a Kindertagesstätte (nursery) - abbreviated Kita. The video describes the advantages of the Kita, what children can learn and when they can attend.

Vocational Training (3)

After school, young people can start a vocational training, for example in the dual system. Around 330 professions are recognized for dual training in Germany. There is a huge variety which ranges from baker to cook to watchmaker. The video explains what “dual” means, how the training is structured and what advantages it offers.

From kindergarden to school (4)

A lot of things become different as children change from Kita to school. This video explains how parents can support their children during this time. It also describes how registration at school works and what the "Einschulungsuntersuchung" is all about.

Change to secondary school (5)

At the end of primary school, children change to a secondary school. Parents - with the support of the teachers - decide which type of school is most appropriate for their child. The video explains how the different types of school focus, what parents should look for when choosing school and why the child's abilities are so important.

Support children (6)

There are many ways parents can support their child at school: providing the right environment for learning, reading aloud regularly, playing games with the child... The video gives tips on how parents can help their children.

Extra help at school (7)

Every child, however old they are, sometimes needs support. There are a range of options in Baden-Wurttemberg; some of them are demonstrated in this video.

Contact with the school (8)

Children and teachers share the responsibility for supporting and raising a child. This is often discussed in terms of a partnership between education and upbringing. This video demonstrates what this partnership is like and indicates the ways in which parents can make contact with the school.

Ways towards higher education (9)

Many parents would like their child to obtain an academic qualification. But this does not mean that their child always has to have attended a Gymnasium. In Baden-Württemberg there are many different routes towards higher education. This video shows some of the commonest.

Vocational schools (10)

After attending a general educational school, adolescents can go on to a vocational school. At the vocational school they can learn a profession or work towards school-leaving qualifications. The video explains the types of vocational school available in Baden-Württemberg and the connection between a career choice and the right choice of school.

Career orientation (11)

The schools in Baden-Württemberg support students with their career orientation. But parents are also an important source of support in their children’s career choices. The video explains how parents can support.

Special education and counselling centre - SBBZ (12)

Every child is different. Children all have different interests, strengths and weaknesses. And they all learn differently, too. In order to provide appropriate support for every child, there are different types of schools in Baden-Württemberg. One of these is the special education and counselling centre, SBBZ for short.