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Video clips

Whether kindergarten, school or vocational training - after moving to another country there are many things to arrange, many decisions to make. The following videos explain the education system in Baden-Württemberg in a simple and descriptive way; from the kindergarten, through the individual types of school, to starting a vocational training. The videos are intended to give a first impression of our education system in order to make the start in Baden-Württemberg easier, especially for newly arrived parents.



Accessibility: The videos have been subtitled so that people who are deaf also understand them. To activate the subtitles, please click on "CC" in the menu bar.

Languages: The videos are available in different languages. The desired version can be selected using the button on the right.

Reduction: In order to make the videos as understandable as possible, some processes have been simplified. Parents can get detailed information about the education system in Baden-Württemberg in our seminars. You can find all the seminar topics on the Events page (Veranstaltungen).

The schoolsystem

"School education is like a bus ride. There is a point where you get on and a point where you get off. In between, you can change buses." Using this image, the video describes the structure of the school system in Baden-Württemberg. It explains which stations lie between primary school and the access to a profession or university and when parents and children have to make decisions.

Note: The video describes the most common types of school in order to simplify the presentation. There may be deviations at some of the schools.

The Kita

When children are 6 years old they go to school . Before that, they can attend a Kindertagesstätte (nursery) - abbreviated Kita. The video describes the advantages of the Kita, what children can learn and when they can attend.

Vocational Training

After school, young people can start a vocational training, for example in the dual system. Around 330 professions are recognized for dual training in Germany. There is a huge variety which ranges from baker to cook to watchmaker. The video explains what “dual” means, how the training is structured and what advantages it offers.