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Supporting newly arrived parents – a guide

Parents who have recently moved to Baden-Württemberg need information that is tailored to their situation, so they can quickly and easily find their way around the education system. This should be wide-ranging enough for them to be able to cope with practical challenges; but it should not be overfilled with too much detail. The Wegweiser website supports parents in finding their bearings in their new home and gives integration officers, parent representatives, teachers and parent mentors, who are in contact with newly arrived parents, diverse options for supporting them.

Issues around school and vocational choice - online counselling for parents in different languages

Are you new to Baden-Württemberg and still feel unsure of the German language? Do you have questions about school or vocational education for your children? Then you are welcome to take part in a free online counselling session with interpretation. The Elternstiftung Baden-Württemberg regularly offers online counselling in various languages. Experienced consultants take the time to answer your questions about school and vocational choice - they are supported by interpreters of the respective language. Find dates

Collection of materials

Many full-time and voluntary individuals support newly arrived parents during their first steps in their new environment. A comprehensive training folder on “Finding your way at KiTa, at school and in society” gives these committed individuals a practical tool to support their work. Material is also available to give to parents.

Multilingual videos

The Elternstiftung has developed videos to give newly arrived parents an initial overview of the education infrastructure in Baden-Württemberg, These explain simply and clearly how the school infrastructure is set up, how a KiTa functions, what the dual training system is, etc. The videos are available in different languages.

Seminars and training courses

The Elternstiftung offers a comprehensive training and continuing education programme. This includes numerous seminars which have been specifically designed for newly arrived parents as well as disseminators who provide support services for parents.